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Making The cut
December 11, 2008, 5:03 am
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One of the first things you need to decide when starting out in cigar smoking is “What kind of cutter to use?” There’s a wide variety out there but they really fall into three different categories: V-Cut, Straight Cut (Sometimes called “The Guillotine” cut) and the Punch Cut. I’ll go into each and they’re benefits and disadvantages:

v-cutterThe V-Cut, as the names says, cuts a V shape out of the tip of the cigar. The pros about this style is it leave you more cigar to smoke since it generally takes away very little from the cap. The problem with V cutters is they can dull very quickly and if you don’t have a Guillotine with you, you’ll have to put up with fraying of the wrapping.

punch-cutterOn to the Punch Cut. This is the one I personally use since if I screw it up or my cigar’s getting alittle hard, then I still always have a Guillotine to back me up. This kind of cutter is generally the smalled since all it is is a hollowed out cylinder with a sharpened edge to it. Which when pushed into the Cap of the cigar produces a small hole, perfect for sucking smoke. The only down side I’ve run into this, except for fraying of the ends, is that certain cigars use a lesser quality filler for the cap and you end up not getting as good a taste from the smoke passing through. But I’ve found this to be rare.

single-cutMoving on to the Original Gangster, The Guillotine Cutter. This is the most common way to cut a cigar, and generally preferred by many cigar snobs (just kidding). This one works by completely removing a portion of the cigar in one clean snipping motion. The downside to that is if your not quick or have a very sharp blade, your can squeeze the cigar and that can cause the wrapper to unwrap. Straight cutters come in a couple different styles but produce the same result. They are Single Bladed, Double Bladed, and an interesting kind of Scissor device which I haven’t yet tried because most of the ones I’ve seen cost a pretty penny, but a couple of my friends use them with great results.

Now the big problem with cutters is they dull just like any kind of knife. And the more intricate the cutter, the bigger pain in the ass it is to sharpen. So for you lazy asses out there, I recommend a single bladed Straight Cutter. Now like I said, I enjoy a punch cut, not to say I don’t like the others, but for me if it’s done right, and I’m not drunk, you can squeeze a couple more minutes out of your stogie. Also they are generally smaller and come in th2e very convienent keychain form.


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How cool is this…

Pocket knife, cigar cutter, and it makes julienne fries in seconds!

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