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Newbies Guide: Choosing Your First
December 19, 2008, 2:15 am
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Choosing your first cigar is alot like choosing what kind of alcohol you like. You should take your time, try a whole bunch (not in one sitting), and ask as many questions as you can. The best bit of advice I can give is TALK TO YOU SMOKE SHOP GUY! He knows alot and since he works in/owns the shop you can trust him. After you learn that finding a cigar that fits you is relatively easy.

Here’s a list of questions you want to ask yourself and your shop owner:

1. Where am I going to smoke this? (Bar? Home? Outside, Inside?)

2. How long do I want to smoke for? (Sizes make a big difference in amount of time spent puffing away)

3. What kind of flavor do you want? (Natural? Conneticut? Maduro? Flavored?…)

4. Am I getting this for an occassion and will I have to grab a couple to share? (Weddings, people are always bumming cigars and smokes and you may be asked for an extra)

5. Am I smoking this because I like it or to be cool? (if you answer the later, just quit now)

These questions will help you to become all that you can be… wait, damn TV commercials.  I mean to say these questions will help guide you and the person helping you to find the cigar, or cigars, that is perfect for you.

What I also want to stress is don’t be scared to try different kinds. Don’t get turned off to one style and immediately write off all of that kind, as in Maduro. Just because you get a Maduro of one brand and you don’t like it, doesn’t mean another Maduro brand isn’t good. Each cigar maker produces cigars to different standards and styles. So what I try to do, even before I started this blog, is pick a new cigar every time I go to the shop. What that does, besides increasing my debt, is gives me a variety of choices in what I can smoke and also opens up the possibility that I may a diamond in the rough.

Now I’ve rambled for as long as I can, so comment with any questions or ideas for people just starting out and I’ll hopefully be adding more to this Newbies Guide Section.


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what is Connecticut flavor?

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