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All fire is not created equally!
January 24, 2009, 5:53 am
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Ok, You’ve got your cigar picked out, now how do you light it?

Lots of people think one match is the same as another and the same with lighters. Big Mistake! Most lighters and matches that you get from 711 or whatever gas station is near your house is not good enough to use when lighting a cigar. Here’s where I’m going to break down the different things you can you use to light your stogie and here they are:



1. Paper Matches. You all know  them as those freebe things they give you when you buy your pack of Kool’s or whatever ciggs you smoke. While with ciggs this is a fine and economical choice, with cigars this is a biiiiig no no. The carboard these matches are made with when burned will add they’re flavor to whatever your smoking. While to most people it’s not a big deal, to a seasoned cigar smoker it’s like taking a poop on the Bible. So when you buy a stogie, don’t grab your matches from your local convient store because you’ll just flush a perfectly good cigar down the crapper. Moving on…


Wood Match

2. Wood Matches. Now this is where it’s at. Wood matches are available at almost every cigar shop I’ve ever been to, and the ones that don’t have them, you don’t want to buy from. After the initial strike of the match, let it burn for a second or two to get all the sulfur burned off, then apply the yellowish part of the flame right underneath the tip of your cigar. Do not light your cigar with the blue-ish part of the fire because then you’ll run the risk of burning your wrapper which will also greatly change the flavor of a cigar. Lighting a stogie with wood matches becomes an art form to most smoker and a nice trick most people like use is to rotate the stogie in they’re mouth as they’re lighting it… I find this a good method to get an even light and generally you will have to relight less often. Wood matches are your best bet when your just starting off and most cigar supplies, if they’re worth their salt, will give you a pack or two with your stogies.

3. The Lighter. Ok, this is where we’re gonna get picky. Everyone and they’re mother thinks that Zippos are cool and think that using regular lighter fluid is the way to refill them. WRONG! While I love Zippos and applaud they’re warranties and craftmanship, you must know to buy Butane lighter fluid. Butane burns cleaner then the stuff you use to light your BBQ. Thus Butane lighters are what you want to get yourself if you don’t want to carry around matchs. Now you can fill your reqular Zippos with Butane fluid so don’t go throwing out all those free ones you get at trendy bars when Malboro comes around with them. Depending on where you are and what your doing defines what kind of lighter you want. For a night at the bar or in your home Zippos are great, and you won’t have a problem lighting them. But if you’re like me and enjoy a good stogie in your car, on the green or anywhere outdoors, then a Torch lighter is what you want since most torch lighters are wind resistent (not wind proof).

Zippo Blu

Zippo Blu

Like any other accessory out there, there are tons of different kinds. I personally like Perdomo’s triple torch lighter and I would like to get one of Zippo’s Blu series since they look really cool and come with Zippo’s great warranty. But make sure to consult your Shop person about which brand to go with, they usually have a fair idea of what works well and what doesn’t.

On to the downside of torch lighters… Burning: Since your using a flame that burns at some ungodly high temperature your going to have to be extremely careful not to burn while lighting.When lighting a cigar you want to keep the tip of the flame atleast 2 inchs below your cigar (it may not look like it’ll light but it will, trust me), and use the same twisting method we talked about earlier. You’ll find it faster to light with a torch then with matches, but alot more troublesome if you don’t keep your eyes peeled.

Butane Fuel

Butane Fuel

Also fuel is another concern, I find my lighter burns through fluid rather quickly, generally after 3 or 4 cigars I’ll have to refill it. Which isn’t so bad since the cans the fuel comes in can refill your lighter many, many, many, many times. I’ve had mine for prolly a year to two years and have only gone through one can and still have half of the second can to go. Usually the cans of fuel are pretty damn cheap, under $5 for a decent sized can. Other then burning and rate of fuel consumption, I find my torch lighter to be my go to when smoking… Plus the flame looks really cool!

4. Misc. Using anything else that’s on fire to light your cigar may look really cool in movies and such, but chemicals really screw up your taste. So don’t do it! Unless you want to use your whatever flavored yankee candle to light your cigar and make it taste like Strawberry-Mango… I suggest you move down to the flavored cigars in the first place.


Don't Use!

Well that’s all I got when it comes to fire, until next time my little Newblets.


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I use butane fuel daily, but i have question about cigars. I don’t have experience with them. I never smoked one. How does it feel different from regular cigarette? Thank you a lot.

Comment by Lett

Well the smoke, for one, is a lot heavier with cigars. Also, you do not inhale cigar smoke, you draw it into your mouth, savor the flavor and blow it out. So besides the smoke major differences between the two is how they are made. Cigarettes are machine made with not just tobacco, tar and other chemicals are mixed with the tobacco. Where as Cigars are all tobacco, from the leaf used as the filler to the wrapping leaf. While I’m on the subject of being machine made, most cigars worth smoking are handmade. I’m not saying there are not good machine made cigars but they are very few and far between (and only one comes to mind that I would recommend). But with a cigar comes generations of perfecting the art of rolling a cigar, so when smoking one and knowing all the work that goes into it you begin to savor not only the taste and the atmosphere of them but also the years of perfecting them.

I really appreciate your comments and when you do try your first stogie I would be very interested in hearing your account of it. If you want I can recommend various cigars to start on so that your first one isn’t your last one. Enjoy and keep on puffin’.

Comment by martyj83

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