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Review: Saint Luis Rey: Series G
January 24, 2009, 4:48 am
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Finally! I’ve come across a random cigar I’ve absolutely hated… The Saint Luis Rey: Series G. I was at my cigar shop the other day and I was in the mood for something new so I peaked around and saw a wide selection from Saint Luis Rey. So I naturally took a look, sniffed around, squeezed a few to find one that met my standards. And at $5.25 a half stick I expected something pretty damn good. So fast forward about 8 hours to my ride home from work. It was the perfect night to smoke a cigar and drive in the middle of winter… The wind was down, the temp was up and it wasn’t long since I ate a meal (never smoke on an empty stomach, it just plain sucks). So I chose wood matches this time over my butane triple torch Perdomo lighter because I like to give new cigars every chance they can get to be excellent and I find wood matches to preserve the flavor over a lighter.


Saint Luis Rey's Cool looking band

Now to the light up, as soon as I brought the flame near the cigar it sparked up… quite scarey to say the least. And so it started off like most cigars, getting it lit, waiting to reserve judgement until a proper smoke can be puffed. And to my tastebud’s dismay the taste was pretty skanky. The only thing I could compare it to is the after taste of pickles. Though I enjoy a good pickle with a sandwich, I don’t enjoy the taste in my cigar. So I figured I might’ve just hit a bad spot in the stogie, but no, the flavor kept up all the way down to the cigar band. Now I usually strip the cigar and finish it off to a nub. But not this one, by the time I smoked it down to the band I had enough and I had to chuck it. I have very rarely ever put out a cigar in the middle of it, I usually do it to ones people give me as presents that are just completely waaaaay off base of quality. Which isn’t they’re fault when they go to a place and they’re advertising “High Quality Handmade Cigars” and they’re machine made with the junk that’s left over from making the High Quality ones.

Over Priced

Over Priced

Other then that I rarely ever do it, but this one just plain sucked in my mind and taste. I would not even recommend this for the golf green, or my worst enemy… it’s just that bad. Maybe I just got a bad one, because apparently from some research I did, Saint Luis Rey has a good name with a strong following. So I welcome anyone to tell me different. But in the mean  time I rate this cigar a 1/2 star out of 5, and the 1/2 is only because the banding is pretty cool looking.


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