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August 10, 2015, 1:49 am
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Drew Estate Smoking Monk Hefeweizen Toro
August 6, 2015, 1:31 am
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Ok, so I’m back from a brief (cough long ass…) hiatus. This time I’ve come back with something relatively new, Drew Estate’s Smoking Monk Hefeweizen! Now I know what some of you are thinking “Just another flavored cigar from DE…”, while you’re correct that they make a ton of those this one isn’t exactly what you expect. The Smoking Monk line is supposed to be paired with beer, hence the name Hefeweizen. There are currently five different kinds: Hefe, Imperial Stout, IPA, Porter and Triple Belgian. I’m a little pissed off that they didn’t release a Lager version, but really, how can you encapsulate the essence of the greatness of a Lager… Ok, back to the cigar. Currently they are only offered in the toro size (6.0″ x 54), which in my opinion is a good crowd pleaser size. I received mine as part of a five pack that I purchased on the cheap through Cigar International’s Jambalaya. So let’s take this cigar through it’s paces.

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So the hefeweizen is their light bodied, Connecticut shade offering. Upon inspection I can tell it’s wrapped decently and there’s just enough pinch on it to let me know it’s not overly humidified and not dried out. As with most Connecticut wrapped cigars you’ll notice that the wrapper can flake a bit, that’s mostly because it’s a thinner leaf than other types. Checking it out, I only noticed one spot where the wrapper had flaked but it was on the mouth side of the band and didn’t cause any problems for my experience. The binder and filler felt solid, unraveling was not an issue and the pull was right on the money for a light bodied cigar. So all in all this is a well made cigar. The band is quality and feels like it’s worth the price paid and not papery. I have an issue with adding bands onto the foot of any cigar. Generally speaking, the glue they use is too strong and ends up breaking the wrapper. I have smoked many a cigar that had cracks caused by this though the Smoking Monk did not have this problem. Luckily the glue was just strong enough to keep the band on the cigar without any breakage.

image3The Smoke

Now to the nitty gritty, the smoking experience! When I get a new cigar that I’ve never tried before I try to do a couple things to standardize my experience. I take my time with it, I inspect it, I smell it before I light it, I give it a straight cut and check out the cap to see if in the future I could punch cut the stogie, and finally I light it with stick matches. This way I can really get an understanding of the cigar itself and honestly, matches do the best job of lighting a cigar. Upon my first couple puffs I tasted a strong hint of coffee but not overpowering like a DE Java that is flavored to taste like coffee. This taste blended with other which I’m not going to even try to pick out but the important thing to take from this is that it all blended nicely. I’m not going to say it was perfect or the best I’ve ever had but it was enjoyable and throughout the whole cigar the blended taste of coffee and cigar never faltered. The pull was good, the smoke was full but not overpowering, and the cigar never needed a relight even though I was outside.



Throughout the smoke I took care to examine the cigar for any cracks or flakes and was surprised to see neither. By the end of my time with this stogie I felt I had smoked just enough. I didn’t feel like I needed to light up another right away and I didn’t feel cigar stuffed. This would be a great cigar paired with a morning cup of coffee but I’m not sure if it would pair with a Hefeweizen beer. Lager is my favorite beer, Hefe’s are my 2nd fav. To me Hefeweizens are refreshing and go with a warm day outside like nothing else (except a ice cold Lager). But I can’t get over the hint of coffee in this cigar, like it’s a Java extra light (new product DE?) and I really felt I should have had a cup of go juice in my hand and not a beer. To me, this does not detract from the cigar itself, because for a light bodied I’d put this up against quite a few of the top Connecticut cigars on the market. In conclusion, try this stogie out, I still have 4 more and I definitely plan to get a tasty Hefeweizen to pair with it and see if they struck gold. Also, this stogie has showed me that Drew Estate is not just a one trick pony with their infused cigars but can make a stogie that’s solid, enjoyable and tasty.