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A word on etiquette
October 18, 2016, 2:17 pm
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You’re smoking a cigar in a bar full of cigarette smokers and one person singles you out about the disgusting habit of cigars and how they offend them. What do you do? Get defensive? Put you cigar out? Walk outside? Push some logic?

This situation has happened to me in the past. 5-6 years ago at my local watering hole on the outskirts of Philly, I was standing in the back of the bar puffing on a stogie and enjoying a pint (or 10) and a woman starts waving her hands in the air and starts complaining about the cigar smoke. Mind you, the whole room was filled with chain smoking cigarette people. She proceeds to tell me how offensive my smoking is to her. What’s a cigar loving boy to do? 
Well, I proceeded to point out the low hanging cloud of cigarette smoke and told her that she shouldn’t be in a smoke friendly bar. I said this calmly and as nicely as I could but she took umbridge.

So, this being said, what’s some etiquette on cigar smoking? Well, glad you asked dear reader! Now, there are preset rules out there written by some greats as Zino Davidoff and it outlines some great points of etiquette but to me, some of it is outdated. So here are some points of etiquette I’ve adopted and try to live by when smoking:

  1. Smoke outdoors unless in a cigar lounge, private residence or in a cigar friendly bar (after checking with the bartender or server)
  2. If the male of the house says you can smoke indoors, always check with the lady of the house! She’s the one who usually has to deal with the smell the next day.
  3. Never stub out a cigar, let it go out naturally. It’ll go out in 5 minutes or so and are meant to go out and be relit. They aren’t cigarettes and have materials added to keep them lit.
  4. When outside among people, throw out a general “any care if I light up?”. If there’s no objections, light up. If there are, walk away, you’re better off without haters in your life.
  5. Sharing a cigar is a iffy prospect. My girl will take a taste of my cigar but that’s about it. She says I add to much saliva to the end. So, better not to offer and it’s totally ok to say no if asked.
  6. If given a cigar, smoke the whole thing if you’re in the givers presence. Unless it’s completely terrible and at that point let the cigar go out and tell them that you want to save the rest for later. A true cigar guy will know that’s a valid thing to do.
  7. When lighting someone else’s cigar for them, tell them when it’s lit and not when they think it’s lit. More often than not they’ll burn the cigar.
  8. Lighters are for sharing, but never lose track of yours. People have sticky fingers and lighter envy.
  9. Friends don’t let friends smoke machine rolled cigars. They’re made for weed not enjoyment.
  10. Cigars leave a scent on you, your significant other should be aware before you light up and they should be ok with it.
  11. If someone walks into your group circle and you’re already smoking it is not your fault if they are offended. They knew what they were getting into before walking into your sphere of awesomeness.
  12. Smoke a cigar to any length. Traditional guidelines will say to let the cigar die after halfway through. I say relight as you see fit. Though I generally stop relighting once I start feeling the actual heat in my mouth.
  13. Hold your cigar any which way it feels comfortable. Hold it like a joint if that’s your deal. The hold of a cigar does not effect the flavor. Though I will say this that rotating it while not puffing on it does help stop canoeing.
  14. Don’t bash another’s choice in smoke. You can comment on it’s characteristics or lack there of. But never bash someone for what they smoke. You don’t know their palette, money constraints or overall situation that has led them to stogie that you don’t approve of.
  15. Don’t be snooty about cigars, bring your nose down and enjoy the cigar. Gone are the days of aristocratic smoking, let them go. I’ve seen millionaires smoke $5 cigars and I’ve seen day laborers buying Ashton VSG’s. Each to their own.

Cigars are meant to be a experience and holding by dogmatic rules lessens the pure joy of it. Common curtesy aside, do whatever feels natural and comfortable to you. My list is just what I do and what I’ve observed, and also how I’d like fellow smokers to treat me.

I leave you with the king of cigar smoking, Rob Perlman


You trying to say something with that large guage cigar?
October 6, 2016, 3:35 pm
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Why smoke a super thick cigar? Are people trying to make a point? Do they have a fetish issue that’s unresolved? Do they just need as much nicotine at one time as humanly possible???? Nay, I say. Well maybe some guys are like that but there are some very good reasons for smoking a cigar on the larger end of the spectrum. 

I first tried a larger ring guage when Oliva first premiered the Nub. I saw these tiny but thick cigars and asked my cigar proveyer (Dave) “what the fuck are these? Who the hell is going to smoke a quarter of a cigar?”. He stopped me there with my stupidity and laid some knowledge on me. Dave told me “thicker cigars will burn cooler since they have more area to burn, thus giving you less mouth burn and thus allowing you to smoke a cigar down to the “nub”.” So I totally just made Dave sound more elequent than he is but the same message. 

the Camaroon is my fav

So these wide cigars burn cooler? Yes, and they also burn slower. So a tiny, thick cigar like the Nub can last you 40 minutes or more. So now imagine a full size cigar with a 60 ring guage??? Insanity! You’d be smoking that for hours. And some people do and some company’s make them. Some companies exclusively only make giant sized cigars (cough, Boheimian, cough) while others now provide their time tested blends in larger sizes (yeah, I’m looking at you, C.A.O. and your delicious Flathead). 

its a monster Maduro!

So to end this, don’t be scared to try a large ring guage. You’re going to be poised to drop some knowledge of science on people when they build up the courage to ask you about your impressive girthy cigar.