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You trying to say something with that large guage cigar?
October 6, 2016, 3:35 pm
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Why smoke a super thick cigar? Are people trying to make a point? Do they have a fetish issue that’s unresolved? Do they just need as much nicotine at one time as humanly possible???? Nay, I say. Well maybe some guys are like that but there are some very good reasons for smoking a cigar on the larger end of the spectrum. 

I first tried a larger ring guage when Oliva first premiered the Nub. I saw these tiny but thick cigars and asked my cigar proveyer (Dave) “what the fuck are these? Who the hell is going to smoke a quarter of a cigar?”. He stopped me there with my stupidity and laid some knowledge on me. Dave told me “thicker cigars will burn cooler since they have more area to burn, thus giving you less mouth burn and thus allowing you to smoke a cigar down to the “nub”.” So I totally just made Dave sound more elequent than he is but the same message. 

the Camaroon is my fav

So these wide cigars burn cooler? Yes, and they also burn slower. So a tiny, thick cigar like the Nub can last you 40 minutes or more. So now imagine a full size cigar with a 60 ring guage??? Insanity! You’d be smoking that for hours. And some people do and some company’s make them. Some companies exclusively only make giant sized cigars (cough, Boheimian, cough) while others now provide their time tested blends in larger sizes (yeah, I’m looking at you, C.A.O. and your delicious Flathead). 

its a monster Maduro!

So to end this, don’t be scared to try a large ring guage. You’re going to be poised to drop some knowledge of science on people when they build up the courage to ask you about your impressive girthy cigar. 


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